Burglar Alarm System
We all need a place that we can feel safe and secure, a home we can return to at the end of the day. Unfortunately this world is full of people who will take advantage of the "Secure" feeling we have in our homes. Let us help you out to ensure the safety of your home, so you will not be compromised by unwanted intruders. Protect those that matter most because you know their counting on you. When you can't be there for them, a home security system can. Being a true local security alarm company, we believe our clients aren't just customers, your our neighbors. Dedicated to our community, clients, and superior service, your security needs will always be our top priority. No matter how much things change, one thing remains constant: our desire to protect your family and home.

Fire Alarm System
Protect your home or business from a devastating fire. You may already have a battery or AC powered smoke detectors, but who would hear them if you're not there? If they are not connected to your security system and are not monitored, who would call the fire department before everything you cherish is destroyed? American Security Alarm, LLC. will design and install a fire system that meets local and national fire codes, providing everyone's safety.

Electronic Access Control Systems
Keyless entry has proven to be a highly effective means of limited and controlling who comes and goes on your property. No more keys and locks to be changed when employees leave or are terminated. It also can lock and unlock doors at predetermined times of the day or night. It allows you to generate reports as of where and what time your employees accesses different areas of your premises.

Video Surveillance / CCTV
Video surveillance is becoming more and more popular in both commercial and residential settings. Properly placed and installation by a professional, video cameras can make a big difference in capturing criminals and or identifying your property. At home this can be as simple as a few cameras to watch outside your home or even let you know who's at your front door. For business, video systems are more robust from keeping track of employees and merchandise, to monitoring customers or for specialty reasons such as finding out where high traffic areas in your stores are and at what times. Video is also helpful for archiving events that may of happened weeks or even months ago. Our focus is to introduce to this exciting field and up-grade or maintain your current system.

Long Range Wireless Video
This wireless solution works best when cabling or monitoring trenching is not an option. Such as monitoring a camera at the end of a large paved parking lot with the recording equipment location inside a supermarket. Another application would include having to monitor a property that is land locked or miles away so trenching would not be permitted.

Personal Emergency Response / Medical Alert
Provide your love ones a life of comfort and independence. The Personal emergency Response Service allows our clients to live independently while keeping help close at hand. Emergency help is available 24 hours a day with the push of a button. Systems go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the help you need when you need it.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
Carbon Monoxide is called one of the "Silent Killer" since it's detection is difficult as it is colorless, virtually odorless and tasteless, Carbon Monoxide Gas is created when fossil fuels, such as gasoline, wood, coal, propane, oil and methane, do not burn completely. Many people do not know they are suffering from CO poisoning until it's too late. At lower levels of exposure, it causes mild effects that are often mistaken for the flu, such as headache, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue. People often go to sleep but never wake up. Carbon Monoxide detectors can be added to your existing alarm system or put in with a new installation.

Water and Temperature Alarms
It can begin with a failed furnace or a local power failure, then frozen pipes break and water floods the home - if you are unaware this has happened - how long will it stay that way before you do? The smallest of water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage, if not detected early. Sump pump failures are also a major cause of flooded basements; water alarms can now prevent such disasters. When you need to monitor the possibility of water damage from frozen pipes or water leaks along with the temperature of your walk-in refrigerator, computer room, greenhouse, garage, sauna, office, cabin and vacation home, senior citizens or disabled individuals. Protecting your property from extreme winter temperatures is a serious consideration that should never be overlooked.

Lighting and Thermostat Control
Imagine, now you can call ahead to your vacation home and have it at the exact temperature you prefer when you get there. Think of it no more hours of waiting for your home to heat up or chill down after your arrive. Not to mention the energy savings you can receive. This feature also allows you to call the premises to turn lights or even fans on or off. You can even arm your alarm system when you arrive at work (In case you forgot.)

Remote Arm/Disarm
Remote Key fobs allow you to arm or disarm your system without the need to access your key pad, they also have a built in panic/duress function which activates a siren to deter would be attackers or intruders and also can report a duress signal to your monitoring station. Our key chain remotes are small, portable devices that provide convenient control of security and lighting functions, and make arming and disarming simpler than ever.

GSM Cellular Systems
If you want to protect your home, garage, sheds, pool house or playhouse with a burglar alarm system, but you don't have a telephone landline this doesnít mean you have to skimp on safety. Don't panic because American Security Alarm, LLC. has a GSM cellular terminal that has the answer to your security needs. This GSM cellular terminal is perfect for vacant and weekend homes, construction sites....anywhere with power but no phone line. This GSM cellular terminal can also be used as a back up to your business or residential phone line. In the case a phone line is cut by a burglar, relax the alarm communication will not be compromised.

Driveway Alarms
A driveway alarm will provide an added security feature to your home or business. Your safety is always our number one concern. Protect loved ones from surprises and unwanted visitors, before they get to your door. They will hear a pleasant chime when a vehicle approaches.. At work never miss a client or courier again, as you will be notified when a customer or a delivery arrives.

Home Automation
Home Automation is automating the control of your home so it works for you, adding convenience and making your life easier, even while saving energy! A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. From home threater to home automation you have control of your home in your hands. Home automation makes it easy to control your home entertainment system. With the touch of a button on one remote control, your home theater and audio system can be ready to watch a movie with the lights dimmed and the sound set just the way you like it. Home automation is appropriate for both older and new homes. You donít have to install your automation all at once either. Turn lights on, off and dim lights from anywhere in your home, turn security lights and sprinklers systems on and off when you choose. Open and close blinds or curtains. The temperature of your home can be programmed and controlled remotely with home automation, helping you save energy and money. You can also be alerted when certain temperatures are reached, allowing you to prevent problems from occurring.

Custom Designed Systems
American Security Alarm, LLC., we want to design the best system that will satisfy your needs. From beginning to end, we are there to make sure that your system meets all of your expectations. Weather itís a home, business, duplex, apartment, a manufactured home, a single user or multi-partition system, call American Security Alarm, LLC, to serve the unique needs facing families today. We are capable of structuring a safer, happier and less stressful existence.

Intercom Systems
In your home, apartment, or business this system allows you to see and communicate with an individual before granting them access. Also can be incorporated though out you building to allow your security personnel or your employees, to reach each other quickly and easily.