This past weekend on Sunday afternoon we received a call from our security monitoring company informing us that one of our door alarms had been activated. We were out of town and the police were called and discovered someone had attempted to break into our facility. After reviewing the situation, it was determined someone had broken our back door handle forcing the lock open and then the alarm sounded and scared them away. Other then the door and hardware damage, there was no other physical evidence they entered the facility. Further review of the monitoring system did not reveal any other motions in the space, which supports our assumption the alarm was successful in keeping them out of our space and causing no further damage. We wanted you to know, there is no question your system prevented further damage to our facility and possible interruption to our business for our customers. We appreciate your product more than ever and feel fortunate we chose American Security Alarm to protect our facility.
-- Kim Gilpin
    Fast Signs Of Grand Rapids, MI

From the day we began working together approximately one year ago, you and your company have been fantastic. My wife Whynde and I built a new home in Southwest Michigan and we needed to make sure that we were confident in our alarm system. We have a system in Chicago and wanted a similar system in Michigan. You walked us through all the options including ones that I never even heard of before. We had a few system adjustments that we needed to make and you never once complained or had an issue with resolving them. It was a please working along side you during this project and we look forward to upcoming enhancement.
-- All the best
    A.J. and Whynde Melaragno

I have been with American Security Alarm, LLC. since they started in 2004. Mike and Pam Callendar are always friendly and courteous over the phone and while working in my home. Lightening has put my system out of service twice and Mike has been prompt in fixing it. The quality of work done on my system has been excellent and I have had no problems. Thanks, Mike and Pam for doing an excellent job over the past years.
-- Shirley Woods
    Niles, Michigan

We have had our alarm system for over a year and we can highly recommend American Security Alarm, LLC. The technician did a great job of installing the system and keeping everything clean and tidy. When the installation was complete, he gave detailed instructions on how to set and unset the alarm. During the few times we have called the office, the office help has been very courteous and helpful. This alarm system has given us a feeling of security in our home and we are glad that we have it. Thank You.
-- Shirley Sims
    Watervliet, Michigan

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